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About these recipes

We aim to preserve the memories of how food was cooked in the past in India, by which we mean at least 40 years ago, though the recipes may still be in use. The recipes are family specialties or favourites . We know that most Indians cooked by approximate measurements, and not by precise recipes. So, some of the recipes here may not be easily reproducible.

Before the recipe, we have a short description about the cook plus comments identifying the dish with a particular region, community, special role it had in the family, or any other comments/description that has a special meaning.

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Spicy Modak by Sushma Dhanesh Nagarkar Vegetarian, snack, spicy, Maharashtrian
Spicy Kolakattai by Veda Anantharam Veg, main dish,spicy,Bangalore,Iyengar Brahmin
WW II Rice-Wheat Nonfermented Dosa by M P V Shenoi Veg, main dish, spicy,Mysore
Mutton Korma by Rekha Rege Mutton, main dish, spicy,North Indian
Fish Kalputi by Rekha Rege Fish, main dish, spicy,Saraswat
Dosa Avakai by Sharmila Venkat Veg, condiment, spicy, Andhra
Vathal Kulambu by Sharmila Venkat Veg, main dish, spicy, Tamilian
Māmidikāya Pachchadi (Raw Mango Chutney) by Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain Veg, side dish, spicy, Andhra
Nuvvulu Podi (Sesame Seed Powder) by Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain Veg, side dish, spicy, Andhra
Bhagavathi Sevai Payasam by Meera Balasubramanian Sweet, Kerala
Grandma Maud White’s Country Captain Chicken by Bridget Kumar Chicken, main dish, spicy, Anglo-Indian
Vaangi Bhaat (Spicy Eggplant & Rice) वांगी भात by Sadhana Ginde Veg, main dish, spicy, Maharashtrian
Surati Khus-Khus (poppy seed) ki Sabzi सूरती खस-खस की सब्ज़ी by Lavanya Shah Veg, main dish, spicy, Surati
Boroma's Lau Ghonto by Manjula Mathur Veg, main dish, mild spicy, Bengali