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Dadi Nani ka Din | Jaipur | 13 Jan 2008 Print E-mail


The day brought together entire families, with a focus on grandmothers, for games such as musical chairs and passing the parcel, dance, music and food. Fun and frolic were the themes of the day. The celebration took place at Grassfield Club in Shyam Nagar, with about 120 persons from 30 families participating. Most of the families, coming from different segments of the society, did not know each other prior to the event, but found common ground quickly, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly in each other’s company.

The program ran from around 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm. To begin with, the children enjoyed themselves playing cricket or flying kites on the huge lawns without having to worry about space, traffic or even parental reprimand - in fact, the parents simply encouraged them to have fun.

The grandmothers played ‘Passing the Parcel’ with gusto! It was amazing to see normally reserved women aged 60-85 years dancing, singing, or doing whatever was written on the chit of paper that came into their hands when they got stuck with the parcel.

We had three rounds of musical chairs for the ladies, in which all the women participated, and the winner was a grandmother! Later, the children and men had their own musical chairs competition, which was won by a grandfather. Then, we had a drawing and painting competition for all, and the grandmothers had their own ‘tug-of-war' competition.

As the evening wore on, we shifted to the traditional Lodhi celebration around a bonfire with traditional eats, and live traditional music and professional dancers to keep everyone on their toes. The celebration ended with a vegetarian dinner, accompanied by live music and dancers.

Since this was the first celebration of its kind, we did make some mistakes. Perhaps the biggest mistake was that we forgot to provide evening tea!

In the end, the enthusiasm and instant gelling of the diverse participants was very rewarding, and a clear indication that we should do more such events.


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